Certification Verification Portal

Certificate Verification Portal

Strivingsquad PVT. Ltd. in Web Designing Agency

Certificate verification portal makes your School , College or Institute more authentic, as students or employer can verify the credentials of students directly from the online portal which will make the process more easy and time saving. Certificate verificattion portal is very much needed to the Technology institutes producing their own Certificate.

When calling a function that will verify a signature/certificate, the parameter is an array containing file and directory names that specify the locations of trusted CA files. If a directory is specified , then it must be a correctly formed hashed directory as the openss command would use.


Responsive & Mobile friendly Certificate Verification
Portal for Institutes .

Strivingsquad PVT. Ltd. in Web Designing Agency

We develope Php certificate Verification portal for Institutes.

If you are heading an institute or technology training center , we know how important it is to have your own certificate verification panel.   We are the best solution for your querry then. We provide dynamic and responsive front end as well as smooth running portal for easy verification process.

We’re best in UI/UX developement having years of experience.

Enter the certificate number as shown below in the example and click on the search button, and see the result.


123456123457123458123459a123456a123457a123458a123459 a123460, and a123461

Portal Direct Link: www.strivingsquad.com/certificate

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